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Meet Sugar Baby: BlackRose2022

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looking of a serious relationship someone to spoil,wine and dime me.Treat me like a princess

Sex: Female
Age: 22
Location: Florida, United States
Height: 5ft 5"
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Black
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Drinks: Socially
Smokes: Never
Drug Use: Never
Education Level: High School
Sassy,Shy,Quiet,Sexy,Beautiful,Charming,Friendly,Deep thinkers,Down to Earth Chick,like to laugh,Have a good head on my shoulder,Easy Going,A decision making but indecisive,Strong Black Woman,Bossy Sometime,Up-Front Attitude,Resourceful,Freedom Spirit,come across as cold but is the sweetness person u will ever meet. Hey my name is Kendra.I was born & raise in North Andros(The Bahamas).I am a Bahamian.I was born in Oct 22nd in 1989 on a sunday night.I am a Libra.I enjoy spending time wit a few close friend's & family's.I like to listen to other but don't like sharing much about myself.My friend's and family call me Cochie.I am a very quiet & private person.I am attracted to older man.I take great pride in my appearance.I am very mature of my age.I worry about my actions & my future.I am a creative person.I get bored easily.I like to have fun & enjoy life.I am close to my second oldest sister.I have 2 sister and 1 borther.I am the youngest child.People said I am cold but I just say what on my mind.I like to draw,listen to music,go shopping,wine & dime,travel & taking picture.I am nice to everyone I meet.My love is one of a kind.Most caring person u will ever meet however do nt wanna get on my bad side.I have a tendency to day-dream when I am bored.I do nt care what other people think about me.Sometime I can be very boring I will just chill at home and make popcorn & watch a movie.I like the finest things in life.I enjoy the romantic part of a relationship much better that the sexual part.I am a great listener.I love horror/thiller movie.I like to be shower with gifts.I like to read about astrology & numerologist.I am nt a emotional person.I like to wear high heel shoe & dress sexy and smell good.I love to wear make-up it bring out my look more.I like to workout,I try very hard to keep my body in shape. I do nt like alot weight on me.I like to be spoil and treat like a princess.I completed the course of study in High school but I only come out with a certificate of attendance.My fav food is pizza & ice cream.My fav color is red & black.I am nt a good cook just learning how to cook.I am afraid of high.It is hard of me to open up to people.Sometime it can be hard to understand me cause I am kind of weird I am nt like any other woman out there. Have to be a straight up person.Say what on his mind.Who did nt promise more than he can deliver.Who financial secure & mature.A guy who go out his way to show me that he love & care of me.Who no how to treat and spoil his woman.Someone I can have a nice conversation with.Someone who is serious about being in a long term relationship.
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