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Meet Sugar Baby: thesweetdiva

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Sex: Female
Age: 45
Location: California, United States
Height: 5ft 4"
Body Type: Curvy
Ethnicity: Latin/Hispanic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Drinks: Socially
Smokes: Socially
Drug Use: Never
Education Level: Some College
Yes I am married! Smiling on the outside, but a frown on the inside. I've never cheated, nor did I ever believe I'd be on a site like this! But the only person I'm myself! I'm 45 married for 20 yrs..not all sad n bad 7,8,maybe 9yrs of ok-an alright marriage, then the light went on!!!! WHERE DID MY SMILE GO? WHERE DID ALL MY INNER HAPPINESS, MY LAUGHTER, MY SUNSHINE GO? I LOST IT? I THOUGHT. HELL NO!!! I've allowed it to be kidnapped, raped, taken from me! I'm totally taken for granted, unappreciated, not have been taken to a movie, or out to dinner in over 12yrs,due to his "hobby" a expensive one at that! I've been faithful,accomodating, compliant, obedient subserv etc...but what about the rewards? the rewards that come in a marriage..i.e.,,a foot/or backrub? a dinner out? a movie out? never been a on vacation, only place i've been is texas, and T.J. The only true happiness I truly have in my life now is my 5 grand kids that I just adore, but it doesnt replace whats missing in y life! My heart n soul starving!
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